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Hongkong benefit group

Address: No. 108, Guangzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone East River Road

Tel: 020-82111878

Tel: 020-82111978

Hongkong benefit group

Xiamen office:

address: Xiamen city Jiahe road Xiaoxiang building 1210 room

contact: Jiang Runsheng

company Tel: 0592-5363803

mailbox: jrs19851104@126.com


Kunming food and beverage department:

Address: No. 1-4-17, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Contact: Li Yifeng

Company Tel: 0871-4591880 Fax: 0871-4595476

Mailbox: bblliyifeng123@163.com


Chengdu food and beverage department:

Address: No. 78, Chenghua District Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, province

Contact: Liao Chuanbao

Modern Jinshan court 2 3 unit 12

Company Tel: 028-66346304 Fax: 028-66346304

Mailbox: liaochuanbao999@126.com


Wuhan food and beverage department:

Address: Wuhan City, civil rights road, No. 2, Hubei Airlines building, Room 405, block B

Contact: plus sub Wu

Company Tel: 027-85675260 Fax: 027-85675260

Mail box: jiaziwu888@126.com


Shanghai office:

Address: Shanghai Minhang District City, Luo Jin Road No. 55 building 402 room D

Contact: Li Hua

Company Tel: 021-34976728 Fax: 021-34976729

Mail box: lihua1227687@sina.com


Zhengzhou office sales department:

Address: Zhengzhou Road, Jinshui District, Nanyang City, No. 206, the new good time 22, building 2, unit, West Room 2, 7F

Contact: Lin Yueqiang

Company Tel: 0371-63377585 Fax: 0371-63377585

Mail box: yq16689@163.com


Beijing office:

Site: Fengtai District City, Beijing trillion Feng Park, building 21, building 1, room

Tie man: Chou Guoliang

Hand machine: 13552833398

Mail box: qgl2006@sina.com


Company address: No. 108 Guangzhou City Economic and Technological Development Zone East River Road 


Company telephone:020-82111878、37882113

Chuan really: 020-82111978(Main building)、82087532(purchase department)      020-82111203(Vice floor)、82087266(financial department)

Mail box:sales@gzvfi.com

Network address:http://www.gzvfh.com

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